Waklerts pharmacy is always focusing on the customer’s privacy and security in priority. However, we are using advanced SSL encryption technology that is used for your safety. The SSL technology will run through before your personal information even goes through the internet. That means it will make it nearly impossible for anyone to steal your information. When you store your credit card number on our website, we ensure that it will be store in only an encrypted manner on our database. This database will not be attached to our website that way it’s completely safe and not reachable over the internet and it will be automatically removed once your order will get processed. We guarantee that your personal information will never be used for any other purpose than completing the order. Our privacy policy guarantees that your personal information is absolutely secure with us. Waklerts.com clearly mention that all the information mentioned by you will never be given to any third party for any purpose. We keep it secure and nobody can force us to reveal your personal information.